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Our partners include:


Neostarpack manufactures various filling and packaging machines. They produce individual units for filling, capping, and packaging, but can also assemble these units from the factory into a complete system.



Controldrop specifically manufactures compact bottle filling and packaging machines, where filling, capping, and packaging, etc., are part of the same unit.



We distribute KRAM FC sealing and bucket filling machines for products such as marinades, sauces, jams, meat fillings, mustard, ketchup, etc. The machines are available as standalone machines or as a line for sanitary or aseptic filling, with options for vacuum or gas injection. The machines are designed and manufactured according to customer needs.



For further information, please contact Gert Brølling.

Mobil: + 45 22 94 92 25

E-mail: gb@pti-as.dk

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